Helping Future Players

If you are, or were, involved in the independent professional baseball leagues then you may get approached on some sort of consistent basis by players (or their friends & family members) to help them make it into pro baseball.  You could be coaching, training high school and college players at a training facility or academy, or just otherwise involved with baseball at some level in your local area.

If any of these is the case for your specific situation then there are some resources to help those players who aspire to make it at least to independent baseball, if not the affiliated ranks.  Here are some resources you can forward to these players, their friends and families, or their coaches in order to give them the actual information which can help them get to the pro ranks.  Feel free to forward this page (or any specific link) to those who can use the information; and you are welcome to share any link (or this page’s link) on your social media pages if you wish:

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